We are proud to be bringing the AquaHacking Challenge to Atlantic Canada for the first time!
Young tech entrepreneurs from across the region will be engaged to create innovative solutions to some of Atlantic Canada’s leading water issues.


The AquaHacking Challenge in Atlantic Canada will Kick-off in February 2020 and run through to the Final in September 2020.


Water Issues

Algal Blooms and Eutrophication

Algal Blooms and Eutrophication

How can we manage and prevent algal blooms before they occur? Water Issue Leader: Roxanne Mckinnon, ACAP St. John

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Sediment and Pesticide Runoff

Sediment and Pesticide Runoff

How can we minimize the impacts of soil and pesticide runoff in our Aquatic ecosystems? Water Issue Leaders: Angela Banks & Mary Finch, PEI Watershed Alliance

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Treatment of Drinking water in rural and First Nations Communities

Treatment of Drinking water in rural and First Nations Communities

How can we develop tools to empower small rural and Indigenous communities to manage their drinking water supplies in a sustainable and culturally appropriate way? Water Issue leaders: Stephanie Gora, Centre for Water Resources Studies, Dalhousie University and Mike Chaulk, CBCL Limited

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Private Well Safety

Private Well Safety

How can we improve the safety of private well drinking water? Water Issue Leaders: Gavin Kennedy, Nova Scotia Department of Energy & Mines and Gordon Check, Nova Scotia Environment

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Microplastics from fishing gear

Microplastics from fishing gear

How can microplastics from fishing gear (threads, fragments) be prevented from entering aquatic environments and how can fishing gear be retrieved before furthering the problem of microplastic accumulation?​ Water Issue Leader: Ariel Smith, Coastal Action

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Congratulations to our finalists!

🌊Well Warriors

Alexandra Embree, Jonathan Kan, Adam Fleiger and Liam Hartery

🌊Water Innovators

Rachel Hudson, Nathan McNally, Grace McNally, Waseem Jawad, Sochima Nnama, Patrick Palmer, Lauren Martin, Ben Veysey and Mudiwa Mharapara

🌊ExTech MIP

Aliasghar Golbabanezhadazizi and Fereshteh Shahhoseini

🌊Clean Catch Baits

Robel Berhane, Kati von Zutphen and Guillermo Villareal De Lara

🌊What the Well

Leili Abkar, Matthew Mizzi, Robert Afari and Anita Taylor

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Advisory committee members


Dr. Amina Stoddart – Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Resource Engineering, Dalhousie University
Andrew Sinclair – Surface Water Quality Specialist, Nova Scotia Environment
Colleen McNeil – Analyst, Water and Ecosystems, Environment and Climate Change Canada
Dr. Linda Campbell – Professor and Senior Research Fellow, Environmental Science, Saint Mary’s University
Simon Mitchell – Senior Specialist, Freshwater, WWF-Canada
Dr. Stephanie Gora – Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for Water Resources Studies, Dalhousie University
Marc Skinner – Senior Associate, Marine Technical Leader, Stantec

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