News features

News features

Water Rangers, AquaHacking’15, celebrates its 5-year anniversary!

Alumni startup Ozero, AquaHacking BC ’20, featured in article by La Tribune

Ozero, AquaHacking BC ’20, presents to OBWB Board of Directors

Solution Series : Ozero, AquaHacking BC ’20

Future Farm, semi-finalist team Lake Winnipeg ’20 Challenge, work with AquaHacking Alumni program to continue app development

Bello Solutions, AquaHacking ’19, launches a GoFundMe Campaign to finalize prototype

3 start-ups founded by AquaHacking Alumni featured in WWF-Canada Water Tech Innovators webinar

Clean Nature, alumni from AquaHacking ’19, are accepted in the Esri Start-Up Program

AquaHacking alum Naysan Saran, ’16, serves as judge in BC AquaHacking Challenge Final

Blue Lion Labs, AquaHacking ’17, launches new website

AquaHacking alumni startups CANN Forecast and Geosapiens featured in virtual BlueTech Forum Connect

The Green Stop, AquaHacking ’19, wins the Social Innovation CANIE Award in Quebec!

The Green Stop, AquaHacking ’19, adapting solution to hand-washing station

Dr. Robert Liang, AquaHacking ’18 alum, adapting solution for use in hospitals in light of COVID-19

Members of The Green Stop, AquaHacking ’19 alumni, responding to public health needs in light of COVID-19

Lauren Smith, AquaHacking ’17 alum, contributing to the fight against COVID-19

Nicolas Fortin-St Gelais, AquaHacking ’16 alum, at Atlantic Canada AquaHacking Challenge Kick-Off event

Dr. Robert Liang, AquaHacking ’18 alum, at Lake Winnipeg AquaHacking Challenge Kick-Off event