Anyone 18 or older is welcome! We are looking for creative minds, whatever their field of expertise, but especially students, water researchers, developers, digital designers, programmers, engineers, technology enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and people who want to save the world!

This is a Spring/Summer challenge. 

March 21, 2018 is when we kick off. 

3 workshops will be held in May. 

The semi-final is June 9 and the final is October 25.

Check out our Key Dates calendar.

The Great Lakes are under threat. In addition to helping clean up a vital water source and making the world a better place, there’s also $50,000 in prizes to be won, spots at local high-tech incubators and much more up for grabs! See details about the prizes here.

Overall you will also end up connecting with great people and learn to work as a team, develop a functional solution, draft a business plan and learn how to pitch - important skills that could help shape your future!

Admission to the AquaHacking Challenge is completely free.

We enable teams to make something great by giving them access to mentors and experts to guide the process along and give participants access to workshops relevant to the solutions they are building. Regular personalised follow-ups will be done with each team, helping you stay on track throughout the process!

A standard hackathon lasts from 24 to 48 hours. This is different. Because we are looking for long-term, environmentally sustainable mobile, web or hardware solutions that are truly functional and marketable in the real world, we give you around 10 weeks to work on them leading up to the semi-final, and then several months to refine your solution until the Final!

Participants can start hacking as soon as the Challenge is launched on March 21. But proposed solutions must never have been previously published, exhibited publicly, or submitted in any hackathon, exhibition, or similar competition, contest, or event. 

All proprietary code used in the proposed solutions must be developed during the Challenge period, though we allow teams who have previously started work on design, wireframes, or mock-ups.

There’s no cap.  If you have an idea and want to be part of a team, we'll help you find people to hack with. It's also ok to do it alone, but it probably won't be as fun.

Registered participants often form teams with friends that they already know.

We will encourage participants to update their profile once they’ve registered. In this way participants will be able to connect with other registered participants and form a team with complementary skills. 

We will connect with all registered participants to help guide them through the team formation process and ensure that all participants are able to join a team.

In 2018, there are four challenges the teams have to focus on solving. They will be revealed on March 21st.

Not a problem! Hacking challenges are a great opportunity to learn new skills, meet inspiring people and push yourself further. Plus, mentors will be on site to help with your project, meeting teams and identifying the issues you want to tackle. If you like to learn in a creative and stimulating environment, sign up and join the fun!

NO, the workshops are not mandatory although participation is strongly recommended as the content will likely help teams build better solutions.

YES. Some of the workshops will take place in Toronto, but each one will also be accessible virtually.


All the teams will have to produce their documents and pitch their solution in English. All the webinars and workshops will be delivered in English. Also, most of the mentors and experts speak English only.

Feel free to email us at aquahacking@hackworks.com or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook.