Finalists 2019

2019 Finalists

Meet the six teams who have been selected for the 2019 AquaHacking Challenge. 


(Montreal, QC)

Easy-to-implement and cost-effective automated equipment to disperse de-icing materials set to dynamic environmental parameters.


(Sherbrooke, QC)

To combat microplastics, this team developed an additional lint filter to capture microfibers after the stock air filter on clothes dryers.

Clean Nature

(Quebec City, QC; Victoria, BC)

Clean Nature’s solution focuses on preventing excessive road salt through an adapted artificial intelligence model (AIM) based on real-time weather conditions.


(Oshawa, ON; Montreal, QC)

This team developed an innovative AI solution from IBM Watson that increases public trust in municipal drinking water.

Bello Solutions

(Montreal, QC)

Reinventing the distribution of drinking water, this team is supplying sustainable alternatives to plastic water bottles through a simple tech solution with app.

The Green Stop

(Montreal, QC; Toronto, ON)

Sustainably designed water dispensing stations that are smart, fast and encourage the use of refillable water bottles.