The AquaHacking Challenge engages young innovators to develop innovative clean-tech solutions to help solve North America’s freshwater issues.

What We Envision

Our vision is that someday, all North American communities have sustainable access to clean water and treat it as an irreplaceable resource.

Through the innovative tech solutions developed by young innovators, our hope is that the health of freshwater in North America is improved.

What We Do

We engage with young innovators, the tech community, government and eNGOs to innovate pragmatic tech solutions to advance water quality improvement efforts across North America. 

We do this by:

  • Championing emerging clean-tech innovation and entrepreneurship in water through a hacking challenge
  • Leveraging local ecosystems to ensure lasting local impact and that solutions are embedded
  • Making the AquaHacking Challenge available to communities and organisations across North America through a scaling out model.

How We Do it

Each year, over several months, we engage with multi-disciplinary teams of hackers, engineers and environmentally-conscious young innovators (18 to 35) from various university campuses, research centers and organisations to collaborate on developing clean-tech engineering, web and mobile solutions to water issues affecting the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Basin.

The issues to be tackled are proposed by key stakeholders including eNGOS, municipalities and water organisations, and further vetted by an advisory committee of water & tech experts and government representatives to ensure they are realistic and viable. Teams are coached throughout the process by mentors from various fields, such as business, engineering, technology, water and environment, all with the goal of ensuring the solutions are practical and accessible to the agencies that will ultimately implement them. 

Through our partner ecosystem, we also engage with local, provincial and federal governments before challenges are crafted to confirm their necessity and again once solutions are developed to ensure political buy-in. 

End results: Functional, marketable innovations that will have a realistic and measurable impact in solving water issues

Scaling out AquaHacking

Having already enabled the launch of 11 water-tech solutions and businesses, AquaHacking is now developing an open-source scaling out model of its program, enabling stakeholders in watersheds across Canada and the US to carry out similar initiatives, multiplying and spreading impacts more rapidly.

We have seen growing interest for the model from a diversity of watersheds. We will make the model available through a licencing partnership, ensuring critical factors for success are in place and quality of program delivery, while safeguarding the AquaHacking brand.