Keurig Canada : Brewing a better world, from source to cup

Keurig Canada : Brewing a better world, from source to cup


As a business operating in the coffee industry, Keurig fully understands the importance of preserving, restoring and enhancing natural resources such as water. We are convinced of the impact we can have by adopting sustainable production methods at all steps of our manufacturing chain, and we are therefore committed, like AquaHacking, to using innovation to advance sustainable development and working with key players in the industry to find concrete solutions to real issues. It is in this collaborative spirit that we developed our new recyclable K-Cup® pods in cooperation with the plastic and recycling industries, and that we strive to brew a better world.

Water is a critical resource to which everyone should have access. From the rainwater that sustains coffee crops to the drinking water needed to brew a beverage, it is also fundamental to our business. Just like AquaHacking, we believe that it is important to act to preserve it.

To this end, Keurig has set ambitious goals and is well on track to achieve them. For example, we are proud to say that by 2020, we will have restored the total volume of water used in our beverages to people and nature. This will be made possible thanks to projects that will improve river basins, protect natural habitats and preserve water sources, both in our local communities and in coffee-producing countries.

We are also committed, by 2020, to sourcing only agricultural products that meet our responsible sourcing guidelines. This allows us to offer support to coffee-growing communities and to contribute, through local cooperatives, to improving access to water, to teaching farming techniques to manage water resources efficiently, and to increasing the ability to adapt to climate change. In an effort to reduce waste, at home and abroad, we also monitor water consumption in our manufacturing plants and we continue to offer single serve coffee makers that use only the water and coffee needed.

Finally, we are pleased to support projects such as the AquaHacking Challenge, which provides an unparalleled space for reflection to the key players in the field of water. By reuniting decision-makers, citizens, experts, and youth around common goals, they can find effective solutions to the most pressing issues, and build a better tomorrow. 

Thank you to AquaHacking and to the dedicated people and organizations who take on this challenge!

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