Official kick-off the AquaHacking 2017 Challenge

Official kick-off the AquaHacking 2017 Challenge


And we’re live! March 29th saw the official kick-off the AquaHacking 2017 hacking challenge with an information session held from 4:30 to 6:30pm at the University of Waterloo. Over 80 potential hacking challenge competitors attended and asked all sort of questions. We thought you might be interested to see them answered here:

Q: What if I’m interested in competing but I don’t know anyone else who wants to form a team with me?

A: Sign up as a free agent via and plan to attend the first Challenge Day on April 8 – that one is all about meeting new people with similar interests and finding yourself a team to work with.

Q: Why does the hacking challenge last so long (10 weeks)?

A: Because we want to make sure that the end result is something that is both functional and marketable. Don’t you want to be able to run your own start-up by the time the Fall comes around? This is your chance!

Q: What happens if we want to quit halfway through?

A: You can, of course, but we encourage to contact Claudia before doing so – she will do her best to make sure you get the help you need to keep going.

Q: How much time do we need to devote to this if we want to be successful?

A: How long is a piece of string? No, seriously – if you want to win, you should plan to attend all the Challenge Days (see dates) to get as much mentoring as you can, and to work with your team consistently between Challenge Days. 

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