Ovivo & AquaHacking: partnering with those who value water as much as we do

Ovivo & AquaHacking: partnering with those who value water as much as we do


Innovation being the center of Ovivo's philosophy, this is why we support the AquaHacking Challenge. We believe that by promoting the development of passionate young people, we are expediting the development of new initiatives that aim to solve water management issues.  Whether it is urbanization in areas where access to fresh water is limited, wastewater overflow management or resources recovery, Ovivo wants to contribute to the development of ecological and sustainable solutions that address those issues.

With roots in water treatment going back to 1865, Ovivo is proud to sponsor the AquaHacking Challenge as well as offering mentoring to this year teams and participants. Just like them, Ovivo is thrilled by innovation, entrepreneurship and the desire to offer quality water everywhere on the planet.

Having offices in more than 15 countries, Ovivo is a provider of equipment, technologies and systems that can produce the purest water and treat the most challenging wastewater in the industry. Not only are we developing new technologies, but we are ensuring that integration with existing installations is optimized in order to facilitate the deployment of these new technologies, as quickly as possible, in both the municipal and industrial markets.

In its innovation plan, Ovivo has given itself a mandate to play a leading role in the water recovery and water reuse. Preserving the resource also means trying to use it as little as possible. Ovivo, with the support of its internal experts, is working hard to find tomorrow’s solutions that will have a positive impact on aquatic ecosystems preservation.

Ovivo is proud to support all participants in the AquaHacking 2018 Challenge in their research and quest for solutions. It is through such initiatives that we will develop the next generation of experts and enable new businesses to bring to market innovative solutions dedicated to preserving our most important resource - water.

The best of success to the 2018 semi-finalists!

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