The Green Stop

Montreal, QC; Toronto, ON

Going to a festival in the summer can be a difficult experience. The heat of the daytime sun can make it tough to stay hydrated.

The Green Stop has a solution for that, one that doesn’t involve single-use plastic bottles.

Rachel Labbé-Bellas said her team’s solution is to make using municipal water systems easier than buying bottles for festival-goers.

“We’re trying to create social and environmental movement to use these water fountains that have many taps and solving the pain of the events,” Labbé-Bellas said. “[It’s about reducing] the impact on the environment, but also getting people water at these outdoor events with public health and safety concerns—staying hydrated—and not having enough infrastructure.”

Their prototype provides that infrastructure, needing only a hook-up to the municipal water system. Their first prototypes went into use at the prestigious Osheaga music festival in Montreal this summer.

The fountains are designed to minimize queuing, allowing multiple people to fill their bottles at once, and to fill those bottles quickly. It’s important to make sure there isn’t too much of a wait, Labbé-Bellas said, so people are able to use the fountains and not look elsewhere for hydration.

It’s not just about providing water. The stations are outfitted with positive environmental messaging, to not just keep people hydrated, but to think about the ways they can reduce waste, Labbé-Bellas said.

And they have space for sponsors, so festivals and other potential clients don’t have to worry about adding an additional cost to their overhead. It has the added benefit of reducing their recycling and waste management costs. If everyone is bringing their own bottle to fill, that means much less waste for event organizers to deal with.