Allen Lalonde
Allen Lalonde


Allen Lalonde is IBM Canada’s Senior Innovation Executive and Director of IBM Canada’s Research & Development Centre, a role he has held since May 2013. In directing IBM’s investments and collaboration in strategic innovation initiatives across Canada, Allen and his team are focused on driving social and economic growth in Canada through IBM’s leadership, participation and support of collaborative innovation initiatives and models, and especially through IBM’s support for big data, analytics and cognitive research projects. In this role, Allen collaborates with Municipal, Federal and Provincial governments, academic institutions and researchers, and industry associations and partners to establish, progress and execute such initiatives. 

He leads a team of research, project management, business development and operations leaders who are dedicated to exciting research projects to answer Canada’s most pressing challenges, including challenges like those prioritized with the Aquahacking movement. 

Allen also contributes to the innovation agenda in Canada by participating on multiple boards, councils and committees, and working with government, industry and academic working groups to establish new priority pursuits. 

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